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    Ok….Pam is probably gonna get me for this…..or move it. This comes from Zammit’s site….about our buddy Randi….LOL.


    An English TV station is reported to have offered [ebm] skeptic J Randi (JR) a free trip to the UK to test gifted psychic Chris Robinson LIVE on television. Randi, who boasted to the world for many years that he is offering one million dollars to anyone who can successfully demonstrate a psychic skill, is now rapidly becoming the most discredited person on earth [ebm] in the history of psychic phenomena. Why?

    [ebm] he REFUSED to appear on the Robert and Judy Show Channel 4 LIVE on TV in front of millions of viewers – for the viewers to judge for themselves if some psychic skill by Chris Robinson had been successfully demonstrated. Chris said he did not want to demonstrate anything in secret with just him and Randi alone. Chris Robinson stated “let the whole world judge if a psychic skill has been demonstrated!”

    British Intelligence M15 – it is on record that the British spy agency M15 employed the gifted psychic Chris Robinson on part time basis purely on the basis of Chris’ psychic skills! The spy agency successfully used Chris to arrest IRA terrorists.

    Chris Robinson proved to be a gifted psychic in recent tests by Professor Schwartz of Arizona University, who has very high credentials with the highest credibility. No wonder Randi, [ebm]has headed for the hills. More later.

    “Put up or shut up” Chris stated, [ebm]


    As at Sunday July21st 02. The [ebm] skeptics continue to fail to win the $1 million reward first offered 1st February 2001—No [ebm] professional skeptic or debunker, scientist, philosopher, negatively prejudiced lawyer, academic, professor or anybody else anywhere in the world, has beaten the psychics’ $1million challenge! The substantive afterlife evidence contained in The Book is found to be irrebutable and irrefutable!


    Victor Zammit and Chris Robinson are not the only ones to counter challenge Randi in recent weeks. The following stunning offer, including putting up a counter offer (if they “loose”) of $100,000.00 was also recently made to James Randi in the following widely circulated memoranda, a copy of which was sent to Randi (as addressed) below. The clock is ticking on this one.

    The Million Dollar PSI TECH “Psychic” Challenge

    By PSI TECH CEO Dane Spotts
    September 5, 2002

    There has been a recent buzz on the PSI TECH bulletin boards regarding a Randi Psychic Challenge made a few weeks ago by former magician and self-proclaimed fraud and charlatan, James ‘Amazing’ Randi. Randi, it seems, has had for many years now a standing offer of $10,000 to anyone who can prove they possess psychic ability. Recently he claims that he has solicited pledges and the prize is now up to $1 million dollars.

    The catch is the psychic must agree to a test according to Randi’s guidelines, where he is the sole judge. And as part of his challenge, the applicant must give up all rights to any legal action. In essence, the deal is rigged. Of course it is. What would you expect from a trickster? Frankly, none of us at PSI TECH ever believed Randi was for real. It is all just a publicity stunt; good for a few office laughs.

    Then, last week, we started to receive emails (click here to see them) informing us of the challenge to PSI TECH, which appeared to be from interested observers, asking us if we would accept. After PSI TECH’s President Joni Dourif responded to one, a reply then came from Mr. Not-So-Amazing himself, quoting her email. I guess it was Mr. Randi sending those emails all along, trying to get our attention and goad us into a response.

    I would be happy to take Mr. Randi’s million if he is willing to step up to the plate and place his bet for real. In fact, I have arranged for a PSI TECH counter challenge to demonstrate that TRV® technology is real and provide absolute proof of psychic functioning. The breakthrough of Technical Remote Viewing® is the discovery that all people possess psychic functioning. Remote Viewing is merely a skill that trains the mind to access accurate information. It is not a special gift.

    In a nutshell, if Randi accepts my terms and we fail, I WILL PAY HIM $100,000.00 CASH on the spot. I wrote him a letter outlining the basic terms of my counter challenge. I have pasted a copy below for all the world to see. I have given him 30-days to accept. Let’s see how “amazing” he really is.

    To: Mr. James Randi
    From: Dane Spotts, CEO

    RE: PSI TECH’s $100,000 TRV Counter Challenge

    Dear Mr. Randi,

    I was recently informed that you wish to challenge PSI TECH with your so-called million dollar offer. If your offer were genuine, I would be happy to accept it on behalf of PSI TECH and our group of professional remote viewers. We have been at this for more than a decade and have a body of work that demonstrates proof positive that humans possess psychic functioning and that it can be trained.

    Over the last few weeks you have sent us several of your nasty emails to egg us on and get us to accept your psychic challenge. It is obvious to any intelligent person that your entire challenge is just a publicity stunt. However, if you are willing to put your money where your mouth is, I will be happy to take it from you.

    In fact, I am so confident in our technology that teaches any human being to access and develop their natural psychic functioning, that I will pay you if we fail the test. Yes, you heard me right. PSI TECH will pay you $100,000.00 cash if we fail to prove that Technical Remote Viewing works.

    Here are the basic terms of the deal should you choose to accept the $100,000.00 PSI TECH counter-challenge.

    1) PSI TECH will deposit $100,000.00 cash (loser’s fee) into an escrow account. You deposit your one-million.

    2) We agree to a time frame of 30 days for the trial from the point a blind target is selected.

    3) A panel of 3 judges will be selected prior to the trial and the judges would be mutually agreed on. The judges would be persons not personally known to either of the parties and to insure impartiality, we will use retired Superior Court judges from the United States legal system.

    4) The judges will select a blind target from a blind target pool. The target will be identified by 8 numbers only. This way, even the judges will not know what the target is until after the target envelope is opened. A true double-blind test.

    5) The judges, by majority vote, must agree that the data submitted by PSI TECH matches the blind target with enough accuracy so that any reasonable person would have to concur that psychic functioning does exist. The judges’ decision is final, and the losing party will immediately forfeit the money put into escrow. In other words you will lose your million dollars if the judges determine that PSI TECH has accurately described the target.

    I spoke with my legal representatives earlier today about this, and they are prepared to draw up the necessary contracts and escrow instructions if YOU will accept the PSI TECH counter challenge as delineated above.

    I will give you 30 days to accept, or my counter challenge offer will be withdrawn.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dane Spotts


    Sorry cBob, but I have to edit out parts of your post. We must try to be respectful to everyone.

    If anyone cares to read the entire thing unedited, they may do so at Victor Zammit’s site.


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