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    Pam B

    ****** There are 1387 posts and 109 threads in this forum. If you don’t see those threads and posts, to view ALL the threads in this forum, change the drop down list to “from THE BEGINNING” at this folder’s home page. ****

    The Forum Guidelines apply.

    The purpose of this folder is to close the gap of understanding between those who do believe, and those who don’t.

    This is moderated folder. No one is here to be converted.
    This is not a debate, this is respectful discussion.
    This is not a forum for non believers to come and simply state
    their own beliefs.

    **** Update 2002 *****

    We’ve opted to close this area of discussion for new posts. There are several reasons:

    * Because of the nature of human communication over the internet, and our strict publicized rules about “keep it respectful” – very few people were able to make sound, skeptical arguments in a way that was respectful of our beliefs. Some did, and we tip our hat to them for their skillfull communicaiton skills, and respectful and tolerant view points.

    * It’s all been said, there’s nothing new to discuss. After over 2 years of Crossing Over being aired on TV, the arguments of huge conspiracies of audience plants and searchable databases that contain highly intimate information about people’s personal relatiolnships and conversations, hidden microphones and ear speakers are not only tired, they are laughable. We’ve hashed and rehashed “cold/warm/hot” reading theories over and over again with no more education to be had.

    * No one’s interested in any more. The few who asked for access to this group mostly read and lurked, and the ones who were trolls couldn’t even post an interesting insult, much less take the time to spell check their name-calling. How boring. ;)

    * It takes too much time to moderate, granting access, responding to emails, etc.

    The benifit of keeping it open for discussion does not outweigh the cost of time and energy. However, we do support open-minded skepticism because I strongly feel that a belief unquestioned is not worth having. Sometimes your beliefs will be stronger after appropriate skepticism, and we feel there’s very valuable information contained within these threads, so we’re keeping the forum intact, but in read only mode.

    Enjoy, keep an open mind, keep your skepticism level appropriate, and always, ALWAYS be tolerant of other’s beliefs you don’t share.

    Pam B

    Just a quick reminder :

    This is a privately owned board. No banner ads, no fees to get in. If you’re on this board, it’s like I’ve invited you into my living room. You’re welcome to stay, until you start criticizing my choice in decor.

    I LOVE skeptical discussion, but I make no apologies for being able to size up a cynic (mind already made up, here to tell us how wrong we are) from a skeptic (able to at least appear open minded if not really, willing to concede for the sake of discussion, not about to tell us what to believe) and booting a cynic out with the flick of my mouse. We don’t have time for cynics. It’s that easy.

    If you can deal with that, cool, welcome, enjoy learning about why we think and believe why we do, and we look forward to learning the same about you too.


    Let the good times roll!


    A big thank you to whoever it was that got this up and running!

    Now to catch up on the postings ~


    thanks for inviting me into your “room”! i’m off to explore…just wanted to say “thanks!”


    Newbies to this forum:

    Note that there are more threads in here than you see when you first enter. Change the “Last 30 Days” to “Since the Beginning” (or words to that effect), and you will see many more threads.


    Pam B

    Good point Bob!


    Pam, Thank you for allowing me to visit. I promise not yo offend!! Marcia

    Pam B


    Top two posts for new visitors from another board.


    Thanks Pam! :)


    Thank you for allowing me to join.


    Pam B

    Originally posted by Pam
    The Forum Guidelines apply.

    The purpose of this folder is to close the gap of understanding between those who do believe, and those who don’t.

    This is moderated folder.

    No one is here to be converted.

    This is not a debate, this is respectful discussion.

    This is not a forum for non believers to come and simply state
    their own beliefs.


    Please remember the purpose for this folder.

    We are not here to publish skeptical views as well as our own, please don’t expect us to provide both sides of the conversation.

    We are not here to defend our views, but explain them, and close the gap. We will not be challenged on our views, this can be done in other discussion groups. The purpose is to educate others on what we believe about life after death and after death communication.

    Pam B

    Cantata thought it would be interesting to post here – and so he relates his experience here today on the Randi board. He fully admits he came here under false pretenses.

    Repeat: We’re not here to debate. I”m not sure what part of that you never understood – as we state it outright in the beginning of this thread, months ago.

    The purpose of this folder is to allow others to understand why we believe as we do. If you try to “convert” us or “save us” or bring us YOUR version of the “truth” – we won’t apologize for sending you on your way packing. We’ve heard all you have to say before – we’ve considered it. We turn it down.

    This folder is not here for the enjoyment of the members of Randi’s forum. And yes, Cantata, you were “trolling” as one fair person at Randi’s board informed you.


    I just wanted to thank Don for allowing me to become part of this board. I am looking forward to catching up as many previous post as I can and then hopefully add my own. Again Thanks


    welcome to the boards! You’ll find a lot of friendly folks here! :)

    PS– hey everyone! school’s getting down-right crazy around here, hence, my long absence. Doing well as can be expected, a bit run off my feet, but hey, that’s life, right, hope you’re all doing well, and hey, the puter’s up on Friday, (crossed fingers here!) so I may join ya for a chat, k?
    Miss you guys lots!
    stay well, & take care!:)



    What went on the last couple of days with couple of people from the Randi board was a whole new experience for me, and a pretty unpleasant one.
    I actually felt kind of bad that the one person calling themselves asa thought they were treated unfairly………….so I put out a post trying to make it clear that I was interested in being directed to information on their point of view, curious as to why they are so enamored of Mr. Randi, but not interested in listening to JE being trashed. I thought ok, well, maybe I did come across too hard or jumped to a conclusion about that person’s purpose for being here.
    I also thought I would look at their forum since I’ve never done so, although I’ve been to the site lots of times.
    I was surprised to see asa………..dogwood on that board, say now that I was back peddling…… can you win with people that have that kind of attitude? I wasn’t being cute…….I really felt bad and wanted to hear what they had to say.
    Also turns out that unfortunately there are a lot of insults over there hurled in this direction; the name calling was pretty thick……..what’s the point in that?
    Is this typical of the experience one can expect from skeptic or cynics or whatever term would be proper?

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