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    Pam B

    AWESOME!!! Thank you Amanda! I’ll be writing every state that currently has scalped tickets on Ebay. I’m going to include the seller’s ID and all the information about the sale.

    If enough of us care enough to write, we may be able to preserve seminar tickets at reasonable prices.

    thank you Amanda!!!



    Wow thankyou for putting so much time and effort in providing us with all the info and amunition we need to stop the scalping of tickets! I personally will take the time to write each and everyone of the attorney generals listed. Thankyou Amanda for showing such caring and determination.

    Love, Samara


    My letters to the RI, NY, and Mass. Attorney Generals are in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    I am certain that we can make a difference here you guys!!

    I know that enough of us care to do it.

    Thanks for bringing that up about the Id’s Pam.
    I included them in my letters, like you said along with all of the info from each sell I listed to give them a few examples of what’s going on.

    I’m also going to continue to complain at e-bay.
    Someone, somewhere has got to listen!

    We CAN do this!!!:jumper:

    Much love,


    Thanks for taking the time to give us such important info. You
    put much work into it, and it is appreciated.
    Yesterday I wrote e-bay and filed a letter of complaint. It was
    frustrating though, I put much thought and heart into it, and then
    wondered if they even payed attention.


    Thanks everybody!!

    I’m so sick and frustrated with E-bay.
    I think we all are.

    I’m tired of their excuses and I’m tired of them not doing a thing to enforce state laws and their own rules.

    It really didn’t take that much for me to get everything together with the Attorney General list and everything.
    And I’m more than happy to do it and anything else I have to do to help us to ensure that the scalping of JE tickets are stopped on E-bay.



    I want to add some information in addition to the mailing addresses that we can use to hopefully, get our point across quickly.

    You can file a complaint through NY State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s office using this link:complaint form

    At last count there were 66 listings for tickets (being scalped) for the NewYork seminars!!

    You can fax Rhode Island State Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse (401) 222-1331
    And e-mail him @

    E-mail Massachussets State Attorney General Tim Reilly @ this address



    Complaints going out this morning via the Attorney Generals’ websites!

    I still plan on sending letters to their offices through the regular postal service, however, as I’ve been told that those letters in their hands, with signatures, actually carry more weight. I’ll get to that as soon as my holiday company is gone!

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

    2 BIG :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


    thanks for giving the addresses , i just posted my complaint to the attorney generals office of ny. hopefully they will be able to investigate this matter. i can’t believe these scalpers are allowed to get away with selling at those prices. if we all get together and complain i think we have a chance to stop this.

    :daisy: Viv


    I’m bumping this thread up to update the attorney general information for the seminars that are upcoming in the states with anti-scalping laws..

    Illinois: ( resale of tickets are permitted at no greater than face value for all entertainment events in the state.)
    Please write to Illinois Attorney General at:
    James R. Thompson Ctr., 100 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601
    Also you may call and voice your concerns*not allowed – refer to the guidelines*
    (217) 785-2771
    E-mail Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan re: Chicago seminar e-bay ticket

    Seminar information:
    Chicago Downtown Marriot
    Chicago, IL
    540 N. Michigan Chicago, IL 60611
    Sunday, June 9, 2002 12PM


    Louisiana: (Resale of tickets are permitted at no greater than face value for all entertainment events held in the state)
    Please write to Richard P. Ieyoub *not allowed – refer to the guidelines*:
    Dept. of Justice, P.O.Box 94095, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4095
    Also you may call and voice your concerns*not allowed – refer to the guidelines*
    (225) 342-7013
    Contact Louisiana Attorney General Richard P. Ieyoub using this online complaint form…here

    Seminar information:
    The Kenner Pontchartrain Center
    Kenner, LA
    Thursday, June 06, 2002 6:30PM

    From Main Street to the Information Superhighway, State Attorneys General have been working to protect consumers from Internet Auction Fraud. On February 14, 2000, State Attorneys General along with the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and the United States Postal Inspection Service announced law enforcement actions taken against fraudulent Internet auctioneers. (from the National Association of Atty. Generals)

    They are on our side..we just need to make them aware of how grossly the law is being broken in regards to these scalpers on e-bay…also they need to know how ebay after continuous complaints refuse to follow state laws..and their own rules.

    * Please include as many details and examples as you can including the item #’s for these auctions (scalpings) when contacting the attorney generals.
    *Make note that some sellers are being dishonest about the face value of these tickets in order to get around the law. The face value of these tickets ARE $45 per Telecharge for the Chicago seminar and Ticketmaster for the New Orleans seminar.

    Also, it seems to be better received and taken more seriously to contact them in writing than online..but, I put both resources here for us to use as we’d like.


    Just want to mention that I heard from family in the New Orleans area that ads for front row tickets were actually in the New Orleans Times-Picayune yesterday, selling for $125 each.

    Seems like it would be easy enough for the Attorney General’s office to find out who bought front row seats and is now scalping them…



    I’ve been doing a little investigating and the best thing to do with the newspaper ticket advertisers (scalpers :mad: ) is to report it to the police department in that area.
    Law enforcement officers can and will pursue ticket scalpers….especially ones that are openly advertising in papers locally…or on street corners.

    There just aren’t enough officers nor hours in the day for them to police the internet.

    Making our internet scalpers feel safe…but, not for long.


    The police department is certainly an easier and faster way of dealing with these people.

    I can see how it would be much easier for scalpers to get away with it on the internet.

    But taking out an ad in a local paper, advertising that you’re doing something illegal — how brazen is that?


    I know what you mean!!

    Either they are ignorant of the law or just aren’t taking it seriously.
    I have found out that alot of people have actually done jail time and paid some pretty hefty fines for scalping tickets…on line even.

    In Illinois the fine is $5000 plus restitution to those they have sold the tickets to.

    In New York they did prosecute people who were doing this on e-bay for some playoff tickets. Plus they forced e-bay to cease those auctions.
    So, why should this be any different??

    I know that some people think they are safe to sell these tickets at enormous prices because of what they are seeing in the e-bay “rules” that this law just applies to “entertainment” events.
    That is just a generalization.

    **To me this is much worse than scalping concert tickets or sporting tickets…
    This is like pulling a chair out from under a little old lady and then saying “have a nice day”.

    It’s sick.


    Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done about the current scalping that is going on on the Australian tour? I saw a bid up to 600 AU last time I looked, which I think is roughly $337 in our dollars – this is outrageous!


    Well the top asking price for two tickets was $4000. Nobody seemed to bid on any tickets over the $1000 mark and there were thirteen from $1000 to $4000. The top price looked like it was $790 for 3 or $740 for 2 and there were over TWO HUNDRED auctions for tickets on EBay.

    (roughly halve all those prices for US$ equivalents)

    I have no idea what our laws are regarding scalpers. I know it is illegal, but not sure about fines/penalties etc. Someone did approach me on the evening as I was walking in and asked if I had a spare ticket. She was making no attempt to hide, or lower her voice and was calling out to people and nobody was trying to stop her or even said anything to her…

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