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    Theo, I agree about sending out the positive energy! Yes there are scalpers out there, but not just for JE tickets. For all events you need to go to. They’re in the papers we read, on the net, and so on. I’m in on the positive energy! I practice this everyday!


    Thanks for the good thoughts, Theo!



    Just noticed this thread after I posted mine.



    Hi.. just thought I would jump in about tickets being sold on eBay and the ‘rules’ regarding face value etc.. etc… I noticed that some sellers (not just for JE) have tickets for sale on eBay but they have been able to post them in a particular manner whereas they can get as high of a bid as they like – ‘bending the rules’. This happened during the recent NHL playoffs. When my city’s team (Toronto Maple Leafs) were still in the running and the games were selling out fast… The scalpers would put on eBay something small like a Maple Leaf banner, or hat… which is the item up for bids *but* as a bonus to the sale, the winner would receive a set of tickets to the game… sneaky no? This way the scalper can sell their tickets for any price.. this sucks big time for *any* event! I still find it even more disgusting when it is directed towards people who have interest to attend one of John’s events. *sigh*



    *Bumping this to the top.*


    The New Orleans Seminar was not even sold out but there were a lot of tickets on ebay and other sites asking outrageous prices.

    The scalpers always seem to get the best seats in the house, so I was interested to see that many seats close to the stage were empty.

    I was in row 5, center section, the row in front of me (row 4) had only two seats occupied. Rows two and three were about half full. These are the best seats in the house and those tickets would usually sell first.

    My point, obscure tho it may be, tongue.gif is, if scalpers bought up those seats, then they got stuck with a lot of tickets!

    And that’s a good thing.thumbsup.gif



    Often, at a large seminar, the first few rows will be empty or sparsely occupied. In the past, rows in the very front and center section in the seminar venue would be reserved for John’s friends, family, assistants and special guests.

    I’ve seen them roped off.

    I don’t know if that is still the case.


    Nothing was reserved or roped off, at the New Orleans Seminar, not even the front row.

    Everyone around us was talking about the empty seats. It just seemed odd…I’ve never seen that at the other seminars I’ve been to.


    If it wasn’t general seating and you paid for where you sat, those rows wouldn’t have to be roped off. They could have been bought so they would remain empty.

    In general seating, you line up in a long line and get the first empty seats you find that you like. The front row seats would quickly fill up if they weren’t blocked off with ropes.

    I’ve been to several seminars with reserved areas in the front and they were seldom filled up. Someone once said that John would prefer not to have people directly in front of him if possible.

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